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1000 Initiative Listserv

We invite you to join the nonpartisan 1000 Initiative, a national network of committed AAPI churches and Christian leaders to speak with a unified voice: to bear witness, to advocate, and to seek partnerships that specifically address our community’s unique challenges. This movement will connect and engage our communities in continued efforts to increase our presence in the national dialogues. We invite your church, ministry or organization to be a Ministry Partner engaged in this effort.

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5-2 Vision Network

The Vision of 5-2 Vision Network is to create a network of churches who are trained to create abundance from scarcity to respond to needs and to be a light to the world as stated in Matthew 5:16. In John 6: 9-14, a young man had five barley loaves and two small fish to feed a crowd of 5,000 men. Jesus took the loaves and fish and gave thanks, and as the disciples broke and shared, the scarcity turn to abundance. Unlike the little boy, the disciples focused on what they did not have and became overwhelmed by the number of people who needed feeding. Unfortunately, many churches today have the same perspective and consequently try to avoid responding to needs of the people. The 5-2 Vision Network works to take the “five barley loaves and two fish” of each church and train how to leverage these resources to build capacity and serve the community and congregation.

The 5-2 Vision Network will provide churches with connections to resources and decision makers as well as provide access to training on fundraising, grant writing, community service, advocacy and public and media relations.

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