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KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation - KCCD/FACE
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KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation
  • codiepie
  • 09, February

KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation

On February 9, 2016, Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) as part of its Five-Two Vision Network Initiative held a workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation, in providing funding opportunities for churches within Los Angeles County. Over 30 pastors and community leaders attended, with the workshop covering the Mustard Seed Foundation’s history, specific steps on how to apply, and any questions pertaining to the application. “KCCD is pleased to have Brian Bakke from the Mustard Seed Foundation joining us; a very humble individual and someone who reflects the light of Christ.” Hyepin Im, KCCD President and CEO stated. “This is a unique grant where churches are solely funded. Churches do not need to show a track record or have a designated nonprofit status, which lowers the bar for many churches to be able to apply.”

KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation

The Mustard Seed Foundation, for over 30 years, has supported churches locally and internationally in new projects to help within their local communities. Some of the projects include helping to fund a skate park in Guatemala City for teenagers, creation of a music school in Colombia, and establishing a recording studio in Los Angeles in partnership with the Salvation Army. One particular project in Montreal, Canada assisted the school district by assigning a campus pastor at one of their schools, which had a history of troubled students. Through this project, the school showed major improvement and as a result, the school district hired additional campus pastors for every school in the city.

KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation

Founded in 1983, Brian Bakke talked about the history behind the foundation, which was started by his uncle and aunt, Dennis W. Bakke and Eileen Harvey Bakke. “First and foremost, it is a ministry of stewardship between two different families coming together. Secondly my aunt and uncle wanted to figure out a way to support the work of the kingdom around the world. Thirdly, the family wanted to focus the work of the kingdom within the world’s largest cities.” he shared.


The Foundation, without an endowment policy, has successfully funded over $93 millions to date, and offer churches two types of grants – discipleship and evangelism grants. In order to be considered for funding, the church must be proposing a new project or church planting, and the church (or mother church) must match a certain amount of funds through the tithing and giving of the church. With discipleship grants, a church is limited to $5,000, while evangelism grants are scaled based on the matched giving supporting the project. Projects can also be considered for funding up to three years, but would only be guaranteed for the first year.


To apply for a Mustard Seed grant, please visit the Mustard Seed Foundation’s website at http://msfdn.org/

KCCD Grant Workshop with Brian Bakke, President of the Mustard Seed Foundation

Testimonials from those that attended, praised the workshop:


“KCCD provided a workshop with Brian Bakke that truly painted a beautiful and clear picture of how the Mustard Seed Foundation is partnering with the local church to see the kingdom of God be established and mobilized in cities throughout the U.S. and the world. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the steps that need to be in place in order to qualify for a grant, it served to confirm both the integrity and the values of this incredible organization.”
Noemi Chavez
Pastor, 7th Street Church


“The Mustard Seed event was a great opportunity to not only receive help to fund your project but also to collaborate with other ministries, learning how to access the grant and get information and insight on how to move forward with the project, and getting wisdom and knowledge from Brian Bakke’s presentation.”
Dr. Emily Fields
CEO, America’s Loving Hands


“What your organization is doing for the community is a blessing. Giving small churches the opportunity to get grants, is a rare opportunity, and may God continue to bless.”
Dorothy Lee
CEO/Founder, Before the Transition, Inc.

“Thank you so much for providing the information for the Mustard Seed Foundation. Because of people like you and your organization, God’s word will continue to go forth.”
Felicia Jones
Administrator, Inspired Enrichment CDC


“It was a very informative workshop; my interest with the Mustard Seed workshop was in serving, and helping not only churches but also Christian organizations. I not only learned about the great job Mustard Seed does, but also the wonderful job of KCCD in providing resources not only for Christian Churches but also reaching the community.”
Angela Carrillo
Teacher’s Instructor, Child Evangelism and Fellowship


KCCD would like to thank the Los Angeles Regional Office of Azusa Pacific University (APU) for providing the facility and Andrew Wong, Program Coordinator of APU’s MA in Transformational Urban Leadership in assisting the workshop.

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