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KCCD Church & Community (C2) Leadership Institute Internship Program Celebrates Graduation Ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall - KCCD/FACE
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KCCD Church & Community (C2) Leadership Institute Internship Program Celebrates Graduation Ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall
  • KCCD
  • 01, September

KCCD Church & Community (C2) Leadership Institute Internship Program Celebrates Graduation Ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles, CA – On September 1st, 2016, Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) celebrated its inaugural Church and Community (C2) Leadership Institute Graduation Ceremony at the Tom Bradley Room at Los Angeles City Hall.


The C2 Leadership Institute was created and designed to cultivate young emerging leaders who are interested in civic engagement, public-private partnerships, and being a social justice advocate for the community while strengthening church and community partnerships. Through a grant provided by the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) and Southern California Edison, as well as through KCCD’s sponsorship with Partner Churches, KCCD launched a ten-week program during the period of August 28 – September 2,2016 culminating with the graduation ceremony. The C2 Leadership Institute also provided young leaders a platform to establish and/or strengthen an agreed upon church community project by helping them to connect, activate and leverage the network of funders, government officials, nonprofit/community leaders, pastors and faith leaders, and media introduced during the program.


Hyepin Im, CEO and President of KCCD, said, “So many young leaders in the world and in the church want to see their faith impact the world but do not have the tools, models, or platform to do so. The C2 Leadership Institute was birthed out of a desire to equip churches with tools to cultivate young leaders and to help them partner with the broader community, to be engaged in advocacy and other works, and to equip them to be able to collaborate with government, corporations and businesses, media, foundations and other entities so that they can leverage resources and increase their impact. We are grateful to our sponsors, speakers, various partners including our church partners for investing in this impactful program that is already bearing fruit in the lives of young people, churches and the broader community.”

  • Five pilot partner churches were selected to work with the six assigned interns:

    • Grace Ministries International/Grace Community Service - Kay Rhee (Senior Pastor Rev. Gi Hong Han)
    • Community Christian Center of Los Angeles - Beatrice Williams (Senior Pastor James Yu)
    • Shalom Church of Southern California - Kevin Kang (EM Pastor Woogie Kim)
    • Centro de Vida Victoriosa Inc. - Josue Rincon (Senior Pastor Carlos Rincon)
    • Indonesian Christian Church - Elysia Adi (Senior Pastor Hadiarso Adi)
    • Carmela Tandoc

Throughout the ten week program, the interns received leadership training, coaching on their community service project, be able to meet and be mentored by great leaders, and get technical assistance from KCCD. Influential speakers and meetings were a part of the program, which included:

  • Speakers

    • Paul Jung | Asian American Advancing Justice
    • Ben Pak | Office of CA Senator Kevin de Leon
    • Robert Park | Office of CA Assemblymember Miguel Santiago
    • Jessica Caloza | Office of the City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
    • Stewart Kwoh | Asian American Advancing Justice
    • Charlie Woo | Megatoys
    • Jihee Huh | PAFCO
    • Hyepin Im | KCCD
    • James Yu | Community Christian Center of Los Angeles
    • Sal Mendoza | City National Bank
    • Javier C. Angulo | Walmart
    • Jaweed Kaleem | Los Angeles Times
    • Councilman David Ryu | City of Los Angeles
    • Mayor Victor Manalo | City of Artesia
    • Bill Rawlings | City of Artesia City Manager
    • Mark Lohman | New Life Community Church
    • PaoLing Guo | Artesia Chamber of Commerce
    • Barbara Applebury | Artesia Historical Society
    • Moses Kim | KCCD
    • Margaret Yu | EPIC movement in CRU
    • Michael Lee | Young Nak Celebration Church
    • Dr. Paul Song
    • Russell Jeung | San Francisco State University
    • Jay Chung | Mana Miami Management
    • Nicole Chang |Korea Daily
    • Darlene Hutto | Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE)
  • Events

    • C2 Leadership Orientation Retreat
    • The 100 - Housing Policy Summit Planning Meeting in Downtown Los Angeles
    • Grants Workshop with Congressman Tony Cardenas in Van Nuys CA
    • 4th Annual SBA Faith-Based Small Business Summit at USC
    • Los Angeles County Dept. of Mental Health Faith-Based Advocacy Council
    • API Presidential Election Forum and API Presidential Town Hall Interfaith Prayer Forum in Las Vegas
    • Artesia City Hall Visit hosted by Mayor Victor Manalo
    • Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) Luncheon with Pastors
    • APALS (Asian Pacific American Legislative Staffers) Intern Reception at City Hall

During the graduation, several notable speakers provided special remarks:


Linda Lopez, Chief of the Office of Immigrant Affairs from LA Mayor’s Office at City of Los Angeles, welcomed and celebrated graduates, saying, “This leadership program is giving those tools that you need to be able to motivate and inspire and engage others and I think that is the essence of this program.”


Victor Manalo, Mayor of City of Artesia, provided special remarks, mentioning the importance of the program as the community engagement platform and the role of churches in our community. “That is why I find this program is so wonderful to have people who really want to learn how to engage communities.”


Raul Bustillos, Vice President of Bank of America, provided remarks and talked about the importance of networking and partnership in our society. “We do not live in the world where it is only us or only you that are going to make the difference. It is actually collective.”


Darlene Hutto, Director of Grants and Fellowship at FTE, applauded interns’ achievements and said, “It was my distinguished pleasure to engage them and to learn about their projects. I was struck with awe at the power and the potential of the power that each holds in terms of making a difference in the communities that they will be serving.”


Jason Pu, Mayor of City of San Gabriel, shared “All the work that that has be done by all these churches and organizations is so important. There is a saying ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ We need to bring people together.”


Each graduate provided a presentation on the church/nonprofit project that they have been working on as an assignment and shared their testimony of what they have learned and experienced through the C2 Leadership Institute:


“I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this program. This experience was an exercise turned into a reality.” – Elysia Adi, Indonesian Christian Church


“During my time at the C2 Leadership Program, I have learned to be more confident in myself, which will essentially help me broaden the limited opportunities of my church.” – Kevin Kang, Shalom Center of Southern California


“The most important thing happened to me through C2 Leadership Program was that I was able to discover my calling.” – Kay Rhee, Grace Ministry International, Grace Community Service


“During my time in the program, The C2 Leadership Program has taught me the importance of networking and partnership… I am grateful to have met different people from different backgrounds who are all connecting and serving God in their own unique ways.” – Josue Rincon, Centro de Vida Victoriosa, Inc.


“This program is like exercising your muscles for God and having my new identity as shining the light to the world. It totally reflects KCCD’s mission statement ‘Shine Your Light’.” – Carmela Tandoc


“KCCD has helped to restructure my church programs and transform lives. This program has taught me how to leverage resources within the church by recognizing talent within our own congregation.” – Beatrice Williams, Community Christian Center of Los Angeles


Pastors from the pilot partner churches provided remarks, praising how the C2 Leadership Institute interns have made an impact:


Hadiarso Adi, Founding Pastor of Indonesian Christian Church, shared the positive influence of the program on his church and intern. “KCCD is really doing a immaculate job, giving us faith, hope, and encouragement to help our churches to fulfill a great mission in a practical way.”


Carlos Rincon, Senior Pastor of Centro de Vida Victoriosa, Inc., also mentioned, “My son has applied everything that he has learned from the program at our church. In the past few weeks, I have noticed a big transformation in my son’s plan and vision.”

We especially thank KCCD Board Secretary and former Board Co-Chair Sandra Ko and KCCD Board Co-Chair Woogie Kim for emceeing the graduation ceremony. Thank you also to Ben Pak of Senator of Kevin de Leon’s Office and also Robert Park of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office for attending the ceremony as well.

You can find a media coverage of the event from the link below.
Christianity Daily

View Elysia Adi, one of the C2 Leadership Institute graduate’s testimony below.

Elysia Adi's Testimony

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