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KCCD & Southwestern Law School Hosts Special Reception - KCCD/FACE
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KCCD & Southwestern Law School Hosts Special Reception
  • codiepie
  • 29, October

KCCD & Southwestern Law School Hosts Special Reception

On Thursday, October 29, 2015, Southwestern Law School and Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) held a special reception for the Korean community at the Southwestern Law School Campus in Koreatown, Los Angeles. This free event featured a light dinner reception, a brief program, and tours of the law school’s historic Bullocks Wilshire Building. Speakers included Steve Krone, Director of the Donald E. Biederman, Entertainment and Media Law Institute, KCCD President Hyepin Im, Southwestern Law School Dean and Chief Executive Officer Susan Westerberg Prager, and Yealle Song, Alumni of Southwestern Law School, Class of 2014.


Professor Steve Krone opened with thanking all the guests who showed up, and expressed a warm introduction when presenting Susan Westerberg Prager, and her many past accomplishments. Southwestern Law School takes great pride in being an anchor around its campus in Los Angeles, in which the neighborhood connections are important. Susan Westerberg Prager shared how the relationship of the Korean community through KCCD will help foster even greater, deeper relations. “The Korean community is the reason why Los Angeles is becoming more vibrant. I want to thank the extraordinary Hyepin Im and her staff at KCCD, because they are the ones to make the outreach possible to this vibrant community.” Other recognized organizations include Korean American Coalition, The Pacific American Volunteer Association, The Asian Pacific BAR Association, and The Korean American BAR Association.


Susan Westerberg Prager holds the title of being the 11th Dean of Southwestern Law School and is 14th in the National Juries Magazine of the most influential people in legal education. She also talked in length about the various programs offered by the school and the many accomplishments of their distinguished alumni. “Our Alumni presence in the Korean community and other communities is very important. Southwestern [Law] graduates are prominent in public and private sectors. I have mentioned [Los Angeles] Mayor Tom Bradley, but two other Mayors of Los Angeles have also graduated from Southwestern.” A majority of those who work in the district office or as public defenders within the city of Los Angeles are Southwestern Law graduates.


In addition, Southwestern Law continues to be a racially diverse school, gaining national recognition. Southwestern Law is the only law school to receive the California State BAR Organization Diversity Award. Due to its diversity, many of the students require flexibility and Southwestern Law offers a series of programs designed to meet their needs, whether it be accommodating full-time workers, parents, and those who deal with special needs and disabilities.


Hyepin Im, KCCD President, showed her appreciation for the words given by Susan Westerberg Prager, and talked about partnerships that many others can gain and grow from within the Korean community. By living with the words that echo through her “It is too late to make friends, when you need them.” The partnership between KCCD and Southwestern Law will help with creating futures for many in not just the Korean community but with the greater Los Angeles in mind.


Yealee Song, Alumni of Southwestern Law, concluded the night by sharing her experience practicing law; “Every time I go to court I see someone from Southwestern [Law], we are literally everywhere… and I believe that if you want to do great things in the legal community this is the school to come to.”


Many within the Korean community attended and prior to the program had an opportunity to network with others, along with those who are part of Southwestern Law School’s faculty, staff, and students. After the program, attendees were given a special tour of the historic Bullocks Wilshire Building.

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