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2015 Donor Advisory Board, Staff, and Board Members Holiday Reception - KCCD/FACE
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2015 Donor Advisory Board, Staff, and Board Members Holiday Reception
  • codiepie
  • 07, December

2015 Donor Advisory Board, Staff, and Board Members Holiday Reception

On Monday, December 7, 2015, KCCD hosted its Donor Advisory Board, Staff, and Board Holiday Reception at The Belasco Theater. The reception provided an opportunity for new and existing KCCD Donor Advisory Board Members to network with KCCD leadership and leaders and to learn more of KCCD’s work in the community and opportunities to serve. KCCD is pleased to have over 40 new donor advisory board members committing or renewing for 2016!


Hyepin Im, KCCD President and CEO, kicked off the evening welcoming everyone and thanking the board, donor advisory board members and staff for their support in 2015. She shared the importance and role of KCCD Donor Advisory Board. “The Donor Advisory Board gives our supporters the opportunity to connect with KCCD leadership and other great community minded individuals in an intimate setting two to three times a year to learn about issues that impact our community and share how we can work together while being a great ambassador for KCCD and the community.”


KCCD Board Co-Chairs Rev. John Jongdai Park and Sandra Ko also welcomed those in attendance. Rev. Park states, “Thank you for your support. Our success is really because of the fellowship and support we have been able to create with individuals like yourself!” Sandra Ko also expressed her thanks and experience this past year. “It has been such an honor and blessing to be able to serve alongside Hyepin. She’s such a great leader, and our board members really love each and every one. I really want to thank all the Donor Advisory Board members who came to the reception. We are so grateful that we can partner together to really lift the voices for our community.”


KCCD was also honored to have Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin attend the event. He shared, “The work that you are doing not just in the community here, but in the community of Los Angeles is really astounding and an inspiration to all.” Controller Ron Galperin has been the LA City Controller for the last two and a half years, and oversees the finances of the city.


KCCD’s accomplishments this past year were also highlighted. As part of the highlights, BBCN Bank was thanked for their media support and partnership. In 2015, BBCN Bank became a key media partner in sponsoring radio and television advertisements to promote KCCD’s programs, which include homeownership and foreclosure prevention. Jimmy Lee, SVP of Marketing at BBCN provided some remarks in recognition of the partnership. “For us, it is really important to partner with the community and we thought it would be a great idea for us to not only share our resources but to partner with KCCD to share their talents and resources as well.” Stephanie Hu, from the Office of U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, along with Ben Pak, KCCD Board Member and from the Office of CA Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León provided Certificates of Recognition to BBCN Bank. In addition, The Belasco Theater has been a key partner in providing in-kind sponsorships for venue use.


Other 2015 KCCD accomplishments include having successful job training program in partnership through the Transitional Subsidized Employment program, where single parents and young adults are given an opportunity to learn valuable professional skills at KCCD. In addition, KCCD expanded their network overseas, establishing a partnership with Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea, the largest Christian church in the world with over 800,000 members as well as an MOU with CGNTV whose presence is in over 180 countries in seven languages. KCCD held its 8th National Lighting the Community Summit this past May in Washington D.C., to bring AAPI Christian leaders to a historic White House Briefing for a second time. Some promising projects to come include launching KCCD’s Young Emerging Leaders Program (YELP), KCCD’s 5-2 Vision Network, expansion of KCCD chapters nationwide, advocating for the creation of a Koreatown community center through efforts with LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and the ground breaking of Meridian Apartments, which will bring 100 units of affordable housing to Koreatown. In addition, KCCD will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary in 2016. Look out also for the kick off of the commemoration events for the 25th anniversary of the LA riots.


After the highlights, Tina Kim, an accomplished comedian who has been featured on Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed, and CNN, entertained the evening guests with a great comedy performance hitting topics on her upbringing in America, relationships, and Korean culture, which had the audience laughing. (You may visit her website at www.tinakim.com for upcoming showtimes.)


Certificates of Recognition were presented to new and renewing Donor Advisory Board members. Over 40 new members have committed themselves to this influential group. (To see the full list of new and renewed Donor Advisory Board members, please see further below.)


As the reception ended, an announcement was made to the new officers for 2016. Rev. John Jongdai Park and Rev. Woogie Kim becoming the new Board Co-Chair, James Huang as Treasurer and Sandra Ko as Secretary. KCCD would like to give a big thanks to 2015 Board Co-chair Sandra Ko for her love and dedication in her role.


KCCD would also like to thank everyone who attended and all the friends and partners who have elevated KCCD to new heights this year. Special thanks to the Office of U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, Office of CA Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León, and The Belasco Theater. Also thanks to Mike Fong, LA County College Board of Trustees for also attending.


KCCD wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Blessings!

New 2015 Donor Advisory Board Members
We want to thank and welcome our new Donor Advisory Board members who were presented with a Certificate of Recognition from CA Senate Pro Tempore Kevin De León. Special thanks to Ben Pak from the Senator’s office who helped coordinate the certificates.


Ken Barnes
Solid Foundation International Development Agency(SOFIDA)

Danny Chun
Bank of America

John Jungdo Chung*
Christian Herald/Miju Bethel Church

Lem Daniels
Morgan Stanley

George Enriquez
Episkiazo Christian Church

Anahid Gharakhanian
Southwestern Law School

Filiberto Gonzalez*
Social | Impact Consulting, LLC

Stephan Haah

Jeongwon Hong
United Real Estate Development

Soa Kang

Anna Jongim Kim*

Rhea Kim
Haig Barrett

Steve Kim
SK Plastic surgery

Young Dai Kim*
The First Korean United Method Church of Mid-City

Sal Martinez
Los Angeles County Probation

Jin Sung*
Oasis Center International

Michael Yang

Dong Ju Yoon*

Eric Yoon
Television Korea 24, Inc.

Geunwoo Yun*
United Real Estate Development

Steve Yi
Martin Lee*
Grace Bahng
James Youshin Cho
Brian Choi
Terri Chung
Yoon Edwards
Perry & Karen Ha*
William Jeon
Sang Koo Kang
Sukhee Kang
Benjamin Kim
David Kim
Richard Kim
Scott Kim*
Peter Lee*
Bill Mefford
Yoon Min*
Yoon Soo Park
Camela Tandoc
David Tomblin
Kyu Su Um*
Sophie Chao Wong
Kenny Yee
Annika Yeo*
Steve Yi
Becky Yun

Special Thanks:
Lisa Yang



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