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Young Ambassador - KCCD/FACE
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Young Ambassador

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  • "My community has seen more changes in growth and development in the last 6 months since the start 9 years ago."Netkal
  • This organization is fundamental to the Korean Community Development projects for the Los Angeles county regions.Tim Haahs
    President/CEO, TimHaahs & Associates
  • “Faith-based organizations have been strong foundation within the Korean American community — helping the community during the most difficult periods and offering assistance during the most challenging times. This paper will offer historical insight on how Korean American faith-based organizations have addressed the need for community development — the successes of the past and the current needs."RUDY PAMINTUAN, Chairman, US Asia Center Former-Chairman, President’s Advisory Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islanders
  • “This timely and credible study shows exactly why there is such a pressing need to engage Korean American congregations as partners in the faith and service field. The fact is, their congregations are already on the ground in growing and powerful numbers, believing, and praying, and working for better communities. It is we who have thus far missed their invaluable contributions. It is past time the enormous and growing contribution of these groups is recognized. This paper is a road map for Korean American inclusion in mainstream non-profit and faith based efforts. And if you want to engage this group, don’t miss the wonderful treasure trove in the appendices! I commend Im and Boddie for highlighting such an important topic.”MARK FARR, Senior Director, Faith Engagement, the Points of Light Institute, and President of the Institute for Progressive Christianity
  • “Building diverse, sustainable communities demands participation from every sector of society. As this White House report shows, Korean American congregations have a vital role to play in the kind of community building that can create stronger local economies, a more unified nation and a healthier planet."Doris W. Koo, MSW
    Senior Advisor, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
  • “Leaders in local law enforcement understand that we cannot effectively police our society without the support and collaboration of public and private community organizations, most particularly those of faith-based entities. [KCCD's] report describes in detail the outstanding partnership between Korean American Churches and their communities that has developed over the years, and it is a reflection of the Church’s altruistic dedication and perseverance to achieve a safer and better existence for all.”Jim McDonnell
    Sheriff, Los Angeles County
  • “Korean American Churches have always been a strong force in building relationships with the community. KCCD has created many community outreach events and admirable programs such as their Foreclosure Prevention and Home Ownership programs. It is the outstanding leadership of CEO/President, Hyepin Im and her board that enables KCCD to be a resilient voice in the faith-based and API community. This report is a great example of KCCD’s exemplary work and efforts in bringing light towards faith-based organizations and the need to have more resources for capacity building. I support KCCD’s report to help continue its dedication to their cause.”Congressman Ted Lieu
    U.S. House of Representatives, 33rd District, California
  • As an at-risk youth who was greatly enriched by faith-based organizations, I am strongly in favor of the efforts of KCCD. Organizations like KCCD that have a history of service to youth, seniors, and families are often best positioned to advocate for and actually meet basic needs of our communities. As a state legislator, I welcome KCCD at a time when elected officials, non-profits, and the business community are showing real leadership when the needs are rapidly outpacing our resources.Mike Eng
    LA Community College District, Board of Trustees
  • This report is just another shining example of why KCCD's reputation as a leader in the pantheon of faith-based community empowerment organizations is spreading beyond the local community and the State of California to the national level. KCCD's growing portfolio of excellent community development manuscripts, projects, and programs continue to foster a higher standard of living in the communities it serves. From first-time homebuyer and foreclosure prevention fairs to marriage enrichment programs, KCCD has something for everyone. I am proud of our longstanding partnership in service to these communities.Mark Ridley-Thomas
    LA County Supervisor, 2nd District
Young Ambassador
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