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Free Help for Struggling Homeowners
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KCCD has helped save over $89 million in mortgages from foreclosure!

KCCD has various programs to help our clients, from loan modifications to those that are unemployed to help and catch up on their mortgage payments. KCCD counseling sessions consist of an extensive review and document preparation in determining eligibility for mortgage assistance options with lenders . KCCD’s counselors can engage into negotiation with lenders for the best possible workout solutions once packages have been submitted. Counseling services are FREE of charge.

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Get Help to Reduce Your Mortgage Payment

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Counseling is FREE

Call 213-985-1500 to speak with a specialist or use the contact form below.


Weekly Walk-in Sessions

Tuesdays at 10AM
Wednesdays at 2PM
Thursdays at 5PM

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• Achievable and affordable repayment plans

• Forbearance Agreement

• Loan Modification

• Possible sale of the home

• Pre-Foreclosure Sale

• Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

1)      Intake Forms- Download Intake Form (hardship affidavit, RMA, 4506-T, Dodd Frank)

2)      Signatures on ALL documents where applicable

3)      Hardship Letter (see guidelines below)

4)      Copy of most recent tax returns or extension (2014 and 2015) with signature(s) and date.

If no tax return was filed, please provide a letter of explanation as to why tax returns were not filed.

5)      Copy of most recent mortgage statements

6)      Copy of most recent Bank Statements

(3 Months, need all pages even if the page is blank)

7)      Copy of any other documents related to your mortgage(s) such as Property Tax Bill, Homeowner Insurance, HOA invoice(s), etc.

8)      Most Recent Pay Stubs (3 Months) and/or if you own business Profit &Loss Statement for last quarter (last 3 months)

9)        Utility Bills (electric, gas, water, trash)

10)    Lender’s Application (Specific to lender)

· Loan Number
· About yourself (Name, Address, Contact Number)
· Family Introduction
· When the property was purchased
· Beginning of the financial hardship
· Future Plans (Long term and/or Short term)
· From when you defaulted on mortgage payment
· How long the financial difficulty will last
· If you want to keep the property, what are your plans
· When you will be able to make mortgage payments regularly
· Proposed Payment Amount (PITI) after the modification
· How you want the bank to help you
· Signature and Date on the bottom of the letter

3550 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 736
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Parking: Visitor parking is available for $2 per 15 minutes ($16 maximum). Alternatively, you may park at St. Basil’s Cathedral for $7 flat rate parking until 5PM. You may also find street parking where available.

Get Up to $100,000 in Mortgage Assistance

Apply for Keep Your Home California

Foreclosure Prevention

· If unemployed, receive up to $18,000 in mortgage assistance
· If behind on mortgage payments, receive up to $54,000 in assistance to catch up
· If the mortgage payment is unaffordable, or if the home is underwater, receive up to $100,000 in principal reduction

The Keep Your Home California program is designed to help low and moderate income homeowners retain their homes or provide relocation assistance. See full program details below. Speak to a KYHC counselor to see if you qualify. Call 213-985-1500 today.

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  • UMA
  • Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program
    If you are unemployed and receiving benefits, you may receive up to $3,000 in mortgage assistance for up to 18 months.

  • MRAP
  • Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program
    If you are behind on your payments, you may be able to receive up to $54,000 to help catch up on your mortgage.

  • PRP
  • Principal Reduction Program
    If your payment is unaffordable or your home is underwater, you may be able to receive up to $100,000 to bring down the loan balance of your mortgage.

  • TAP
  • Transitional Assistance Program
    If you are in a short sale or deed-in-lieu, you may receive up to $5,000 in relocation assistance.

Program Eligibility

Check Income Limits
Participating Servicers
    • You must be of low or moderate income. Check the Income Table and match the county you live in with your household income. Your gross family income should be less than or equal to the amount shown.
    • You must have suffered a financial hardship that puts you at risk of default on your mortgage due to changes in household circumstances such as death illness disability unemployment or loss of income.
    • You must own and occupy your home as your primary residence.
    • Your home must be located in California.
    • The current amount you owe on your first mortgage must not exceed $729 750
    • Your current mortgage must be through one of the following partner servicers: Please check the KYHC Website periodically for the most current list of participating servicers.