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Awards - KCCD/FACE
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    • California Homeownership Preservation Leadership Award from CRC in Sacramento CA (2011)
    • “Graduate of the Year” from The Southern California Leadership Network (SCLN) at its annual Visionaries Awards Luncheon (2010)
    • The National Industry “HOPE Award” from the Association of Realtors (2009)
    • Hyepin Im was Appointed as Vice-President of the Council of Korean Churches in Southern California. (2009)
    • The Homefree-USA President’s Award at the Home Free-USA Reaching Millions Housing and Leadership National Conference in Jacksonville Florida. (2009)
    • “Pioneer Woman of the Year” from L.A City Council President Eric Garcetti L.A City Council President Eric Garcetti (2009)
    • “TRAILBLAZER Award” for Championing the Right of American Children (2008)
    • “2007 Faith Partner the Year” from L.A. Mayor
    • U.S Small Business Administration and the Los Angeles Minority Business Opportunity Center at the 12th Annual Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Awards (2007)
    • National Grant Valued at over $1Million to Participate in AmeriCorps Vista Program-26 AmeriCorps *Vista Slots Awarded.