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Affordable Housing - KCCD/FACE
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In 2012, KCCD was successful in organizing faith and community leaders to advocate for a community benefits agreement from J.H. Snyder, who was receiving $17 million in public funds for building a $169 million mixed-use project in Koreatown, Los Angeles. KCCD successfully gained the commitment of J.H. Snyder to build 96 units of affordable housing, donate $1 million for a community center, and provide technical assistance for the development of a Koreatown community center, as part of their community benefits agreement. KCCD was designated as the nonprofit partner.

In 2014, KCCD was able to gain the partnership of AMCAL Multi-housing Inc. to proceed with its affordable housing project. Named Meridian Apartments, the building will have 100 units of affordable housing for low-income families in Koreatown. Located by Vermont/Beverly, the mixed-use complex will have retail shops, along with close proximity to public transportation. Construction has begun as of Fall 2015 and KCCD held its groundbreaking ceremony early 2016 (see press release)

KCCD continues to look and partner with developers for affordable housing projects. Please stay tuned for any future updates!

Meridian Apartments will be available by Fall 2017!
Please visit the website for future updates.
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